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What is LeanFit?
LeanFit, much like CrossFit, is a high intensity, constantly varied exercise program. However, workouts generally last a little longer- 15 to 30 minutes on average, and there is a lesser emphasis on weightlifting. LeanFit programming also uses a wide variety of exercise movements. The workout structure recruits the larger muscle groups in a circuit format, allowing for recovery even while your body continues to work.
How will LeanFit benefit me?
The exercise movements involved in LeanFit promote neurological and hormonal responses leading to better health, actual strength, core stability, agility, and flexibility.
Is LeanFit for me?
Just like CrossFit, LeanFit can be scaled to anyone- any age and any level of fitness. LeanFit is fun, it’s simple, and best of all it produces good results for those who are looking for a lighter, more streamline workout.

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