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Game day 12.11.15


Game day 12.11.15


We will be having a movie watching party Friday the 11th! We are renting the “Froning Film” highlighting the Fittest Man in history, Rich Froning, and his training to-date. Please join us at 7:15pm and bring your favorite snacks and drinks!

CFPC – CrossFit


(No Measure)

Row 3 minutes

12-20 Push-ups

Accumulate 30 Heavy russian swings

Row 2 minutes


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

30 min AMRAP

Complete stations for varying point rewards.

Each of the 7 stations may be completed 0-1 times each round. Once you have completed the desired stations for that round, complete a 400m run and then you may begin another round.

Accumulate as many points as possible in the 30 minutes.