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Our Fundamentals program consists of 3 classes, (for those interested in starting CrossFit) to help you get acquainted with the movements that you will see in our CrossFit (and LeanFit) program in a slower paced, more personal environment. Once you have completed the program you will possess the knowledge necessary to integrate into any of our regularly scheduled CrossFit/LeanFit classes where you will continue to develop more advanced skills under the guidance of our certified training staff.

Each day of the program we will take a 2-3 of the foundational movements of CrossFit and break them down into easy to learn steps to ensure that you are using safe and efficient technique.

Our trainers will walk you through the progressions so that when you are released to the faster paced class environment, you will know the lingo and begin your fitness journey with a solid foundation.Every class will begin with an instructor led warm-up, skill and movement development, a workout incorporating these new movements, and conclude with a cool down/mobility session.

Upon completion of the Fundamentals course, you will receive detailed instructions on your transition to CrossFit and/or LeanFit classes and we will be happy to answer any questions you may still have about the class format, starting nutrition, movements or generic CrossFit questions.

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