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CrossFit is a training methodology, more than just a gym- it’s a way of life. Contrary to what many believe, CrossFit was not designed with the “elite athlete” in mind. CrossFit was created as a means to help each individual meet their true potential in regards to health and wellness. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit Inc., took it upon himself to define “Fitness”. What he came up with was a list of 10 attributes that comprise a complete and comprehensive fitness. CrossFit seeks to train every individual in all of these attributes simultaneously, building on weaknesses and continuing developing strengths. These attributes range from Strength and Power, to Balance and Flexibility. The result is an individual with high marks in many areas and weaknesses in none. Gone are the days where merely running or biking, or lifting mass quantities are seen as “fit”. True fitness does not specialize. It excels in any task it presented with. 

As a result of this definition and desire for a more complete fitness, CrossFit’s training methodology is defined as “Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed at a High Intensity“. Constant variance in your workout means eliminating routine, training different facets of fitness each day. CrossFit Panther City provides you with a new workout each day, rarely repeating the same workout in it’s exact same form. This keeps the body guessing and also prevents boredom setting in to a monotonous regimen of working particular body parts each day of the week. 

Functional movements are those which require multi-joint motion, movements similar to those used in everyday life, such as squatting or lifting an article off the floor, as well as some that may be new to you, such as olympic lifting (snatch and clean & jerk).We expect several of the movements we perform will be foreign to you as you begin, however these movements will be broken down and instructed in our classes each led by a certified crossfit instructor (See also our “Fundamentals Course“). Lastly and likely most important is the high intensity of our workouts. Don’t worry! “High intensity” is relative to your personal fitness and experience level and we work with each athlete for as long as is necessary to perfect movement technique before applying high intensity to these movements. Intensity is required for optimal results. Intensity raises the heart rate to an optimal fat burning level and promotes muscle growth and cardiovascular health. “Intensity” is not defined as breathing hard or your face turning red, but rather pushing yourself to greater lengths and better results.

In summary, CrossFit is designed for everyone. It is not intended to be implemented only by the top level athlete, but is the ultimate training program for anyone seeking to increase their fitness, health and wellness and challenge themselves to train their bodies to reach their true potential! Starting out slow and easy, learning the movements and methods and progressing to a higher intensity will allow our athletes to stay healthy and realize the true potential of CrossFit in creating change for the better.

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