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CrossFit 9.17.15


CrossFit 9.17.15

CFPC – CrossFit


(No Measure)

Down and Backs

1) Burpee+jog x2

2) High knees

3) Butt kicks

4a) 5 inch-worms w/ 3 push-ups

4b) High kick march

5a) Walking quad stretch

5b) Burpee+jog x2


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

5 rounds, each for time:

750m Row

Rest 3 minutes

*Aim to achieve each 750m row in 3:30 or less. If you are taking +3:30, reduce distance to 600m per round

Cool Down

Metcon (Weight)

3 rounds, for quality-

Dual dumbbell overhead walk, 50′ down and back

1:00 Ring plank (feet on 12″ box), or normal plank

10 Bulgarian split squats per leg w/ dual dumbbells

*Perform Bulgarian split squats with one foot placed on a bench behind you (top of the foot down on the bench), lunge out with opposite leg and squat straight down holding a dumbbell in each hand. Switch legs after 10 reps.