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CrossFit 11.4.16


CrossFit 11.4.16


Next week (Oct. 31st) we will begin 2 consecutive 6-weeks cycles. The first will be comprised of Olympic lifting technique and development + Raw strength building (think slower but powerful movements). The second cycle will consist of working to build up 1RM in the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) and drill/prepare us for the movements commonly found in the CrossFit Open that present challenges to participants (handstand push-ups, double unders, muscle ups etc.)

Reminder: The CrossFit Liftoff begins on Nov. 3rd (next Thursday!) Sign-up now on games.crossfit.com! We will perform 1RM Snatch and Clean and Jerk for the WOD next Friday and the METCON the following Monday.

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Foam Roll prior to class



3 minute Row

10 PVC Press and back

10 PVC Pass through

5 PVC Snatch balance+Squat hold

1:30 Spiderman hold each side

1:00 Pigeon hold each leg

:45 sec Ankle stretch per leg (chest over knee in lunge)

2:00 Goblet squat hold

Then, with a barbell, perform;

5 Down and finish

5 Elbows high and outside

5 Hang power snatch

5 Snatch grip Push press

5 Heaving snatch balance (dont move feet)

5 Overhead squats

3 High hang Squat snatch

3 Hang Squat snatch

3 Full snatch with 2 second pause mid-shin, below knee and above knee before executing the lift

5 Split jerk or power jerk, your preference


Spend 15 min Working to a 1RM Snatch

Followed by; (5 minute transition)

Spend 15 min working to a 1RM Clean and Jerk

Record 1RM of both as well as your Oly Lifting total (both lifts combined)

Snatch (Work to find 1RM)

Clean and Jerk (Work to find 1RM)

Olympic Lifting Total (Total Weight)