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CrossFit 10.11.16


CrossFit 10.11.16

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Discuss METCON(s).

Scaling- Beginners practice safe technique on max weight sections, weight is not a priority.

General Warm-up

3 rounds:

1 min Row

15 Goblet squats

5 Russian babymakers


Spiderman lunge 1 min per leg

Pigeon 1 min per leg

Half lunge hamstring stretch, 2x 30 seconds per leg

1 min banded front rack mobility per arm

Discuss P.O.P.: Thruster- 1) Slow descent into squat, 2) maintain a vertical torso and drive out of the squat in the last 6″of motion, 3) violent hip opening and drive the arms overhead

Deadlift- 1) shoulders back/back flat, 2) bar set close to shins, 3) feet hip width, 4) drive knees/hips open as you raise the chest and open the hips to full extension

Specific warm-up

3 Rounds;

5 UB Thrusters at 60% estimated max

7 Burpees

5 TnG Deadlift with slow return to the floor each rep

Bar must be unloaded prior to starting the workout but weights can be ready nearby


No rest between workouts. At the 6 minute mark your time begins for the second METCON. Upon completion of your 30th KB swing your time stops for the second METCON and your 6 minute timer begins for the third METCON.

Metcon (Weight)

6 min to find 3RM Thruster taken from the floor

Metcon (Time)

800m Run

30 Burpees

30 Lunge steps

30 Kettlebell swings

Metcon (Weight)

6 min to find a 5RM Deadlift